Video Game Characters + Swimsuits = SUMMER FAN SERVICE! :D

Video Game Characters + Swimsuits = SUMMER FAN SERVICE! 😀





Time for some rest, relaxation, out-of-town vacations and quality time with friends and loved ones! And yes, summer time has always that long awaited season to have a break from work, school or whatever daily chores that we have to do.

And just like in real life, fighting video game developers have also incorporated summer time to the actual games where the characters usually have a break from their usual stuff like training and fighting. With the actual video games already having a huge fan base, why not expand its fan base by showing off their characters in summer themes. Like in shows where there is at least a “Beach Episode,” these plots actually provide Fan Service to gamers by showing off their favorite characters in swimsuits and beach outfits. Of course, the fans love and appreciate it! 😉

Originally, swimsuit and summer themes were only seen from Art Galleries and in-game screenshots, but the recent popularity of character customizations gave rise to swimsuit outfits being playable.

Here are some of the summer/beach fan service outfits commonly used in Fighting Video Games:

2 Piece Bikini

-Probably the fastest way to gain fan service! Hot video game girls in their combat outfit are already the dream and fantasy of male gamers. What more can you ask if the developers made them wear skimpy 2 Piece bikinis? 😀  The Dead or Alive girls popularized the swimsuit outfits in Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball and was soon included in sequels as additional selectable outfits during game play.


Helena Douglas , Christie, Lei Fang, Hitomi, Kasumi, Tina Armstrong and Mila (Dead or Alive)


Natsu Ayuhara and Tiffany Lords (Rival Schools) King and Mai Shiranui (The King of Fighters) These swimsuits were only seen from Art Galleries and are not playable in the game.


Sonya Blade (Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance) Vanessa, Eileen and Sarah Bryant (Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown) playable characters can be customized to wear bikinis while fighting.


Christie Monteiro, Lili, Jaycee, Michelle Chang and Kunimitsu (Tekken Tag Tournament 2) a downloadable content allows the playable characters to be customized wearing their swimsuits.

1 Piece Bikini

-Despite being a 1 piece swimsuit, various designs are applied to give a sexy and revealing theme. Still hot and sexy though 😉


Lisa Hamilton and Helena Douglas (Dead or Alive),  Nina Williams and Anna Williams (Tekken), Kyoko Minazuki (Rival Schools)

Bikini Shorts

-Unlike the 2 piece Bikini, the bottoms are short shorts. Despite a being conservative choice, bikini shorts are still a sexy option.


Sarah Bryant (guest appearance in Dead or Alive 5)  Kokoro, Christie and Tina Armstrong (Dead or Alive) Asuka Kazama and Miharu Hirano (Tekken)

Bikini Skirt

-A more conservative form of the 2 piece Bikini, skirts/sarong/pareo are added as bottoms. With its teasing effect, it’s a definitely a sexy alternative.


Pai Chan and Aoi Umenokouji (Virtua Fighter) Jun Kazama, Zafina and Alisa Boskonovitch (Tekken)

Tankini & Midriff Bikini

-A somewhat conservative form of the 2 piece Bikini, the bikini bottom is retained while the top consist of either tank top or midriff shirts.  Very teasing and sexy! 😉


Helena Douglas , Ayane, Mila, Kokoro and Hitomi (Dead or Alive)

School Swimsuit

-The regular 1 piece school swimsuit is reserved for the cute, innocent looking and adorable girls. Yes, it might be conservative but is still gives that certain appeal. 🙂


Akira Kazama and Hinata Wakaba (Rival Schools) Ling Xiaoyu and Jun Kazama (Tekken) Kasumi and Ayane (Dead or Alive)

Rash Guard

-Reserved and wanting protection from the UV Rays? Settle for the Rash Guard. While definitely not the best choice to gain fan service, that sporty look still rocks.


Ayane (Dead or Alive) and Leo (Tekken)

Board Shorts

-While swimsuit themes are mainly focused on female characters to target the male audience, male characters have also been included in swimsuit attire nevertheless (probably to appeal to females). Just like in real life, Board Shorts have been commonly featured on male characters.


Jackie Bryant, Lau Chan and Wolf Hawkfield can be customized to wear board shorts during game play (Virtua Fighter).  Edge and Shoma Sawamura appear in board shorts during in-game screenshots (Rival Schools).

Swim Trunks

– Swim Trunks were introduced as an alternative to board shorts. With the fighting nature of the video games, it is relatively similar to MMA or Boxing Trunks.


Akira Yuki, Jean Kujo, Lion Rafale and Shun Di (Virtua Fighter)

Swim Jammers

– Want a very athletic look during summer? Why not try Swim Jammers? Another male swimwear alternative, it suits the fighting video games very well.


Jeffry McWild and Goh Hinogami (Virtua Fighter)

Swim Briefs

– A skimpy alternative, Swim Briefs/Speedos are used by male characters that are themed as being an outgoing womanizer constantly trying to impress the ladies.


El Blaze and Brad Burns (Virtua Fighter) Hayato Nekketsu, Nagare Namikawa and Kyosuke Kagami (Rival Schools) Lee Chaolan (Tekken)


– Another skimpy alternative, Fundoshi is a traditional Japanese loincloth used as an undergarment or swimwear. It is also used in video games where usually, the male character is proud of his Japanese heritage and is very in touch with Japanese customs and traditions. (However in Tekken Tag Tournament 2, almost every male character was given Fundoshi as a swimsuit regardless of national origin)


Heihachi Mishima, Miguel, Raven and Kazuya Mishima (Tekken), Eiji Kirasagi (King of Fighters) Lei Fei and Kage Maru (Virtua Fighter)

Vintage Swimsuit

– Want to keep it old school and conservative? Settle for Vintage Swimsuits. 🙂 Definitely vintage!


Wang Jinrei, Ganryu and Bob (Tekken), Gan Isurugi (Rival Schools) Billy Kane (King of Fighters)


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