Let’s begin our European tour in Northern Europe. Our first stop is the Scandinavian country of Sweden. Sweden brings us 3 unique video game characters: Chris, a young drummer who utilizes speed attacks; Lars Alexandersson, a half Japanese/half Swedish military officer in the Tekken Force; and Marie Rose, a blonde, childlike fighter specializing in Systema.

King of Fighters: Chris

Tekken: Lars Alexandersson

Dead or Alive: Marie Rose



Our next Scandinavian country is Norway. 3 Norwegian characters are themed as Viking warriors wielding huge axes. Namely, they are Erick, Garros and Gregory Darrell. They are joined by a sword-wielding knight, Balga.

World Heroes: Erick

Samurai Shodown: Garros

Knuckle Heads: Gregory Darrell

Battle Arena Toshinden: Balga



Let’s now move on to Western Europe starting with the Netherlands. Our sole representative is the Dutch professional wrestler, Patrick van Heyting, who was probably inspired from real-life professional wrestler, Bill Goldberg.

Buriki One: Patrick Van Heyting



Next on our list is Germany. In examining German characters, I observed that fighting styles range from sword fighting to close combat. Other characters utilize foreign martial arts such as Capoeira, Ba Ji Quan and Karate. Stand out themes include powerful final bosses, fully armored knights, a werewolf, a golem based from Frankenstein’s creature and a cyborg with extending limbs. Nearly all characters are ethnic Germans. Hitomi is a Eurasian of Japanese and German ancestry while Luise Meyrink is actually an extraterrestrial residing in Germany.

King of Fighters: Adelheid Bernstein, Alba Meira, Soiree Meira, Hein, Luise Meyrink, Rugal Bernstein

World Heroes: Brocken

Fatal Fury: Wolfgang Krauser von Stroheim

Aggressors of Dark Kombat: Leonhalt Domador

Fight Fever: Rophen Heimer

Samurai Shodown: Neinhalt Sieger

Art of Fighting: Karman Cole

Buriki One: Silber

Street Fighter: Hugo Andore, Juni

Darkstalkers: Victor von Gerdenheim

Soul Calibur: Hildegard “Hilde” von Krone, Siegfried Schtauffen, Z.W.E.I.

Tekken: Eleonore “Leo” Kliesen

Battle Arena Toshinden: Schultz, Wolf

Kaiser Knuckle: Marco

Dead or Alive: Hitomi

Power Instinct: Rudolph Gartheimer



Our next stop is Austria where we get to know Zola. From the Battle Arena Toshinden series, Zola is actually an Opera singer who also works as an assassin. While in her assassin job, she wears a leather catwoman suit and is armed with a razor sharp whip.

Battle Arena Toshinden: Zola



Moving eastward, we arrive at Switzerland. We are introduced to 3 Swiss characters: Kliff Undersn, a renowned veteran crusader wielding the gigantic blade; Testament, a former protégé of Kliff, who wields a giant scythe; and Puella Marionette, a young girl raised in an orphanage who miraculously receives a magical bow that will lead her to her destined path.

Guilty Gear: Kliff Undersn, Testament

Battle Arena Toshinden: Puella Marionette



Let’s now visit France. In analyzing the themes, most French characters are presented with an air of elegance and refinement. Female characters are finesse and fashionable while male characters are suave and chivalrous. Nearly all characters are introduced as coming from wealthy and privileged backgrounds. When it comes to fighting styles, sword fighting and rapier arts are common. Hand to hand combat are also being utilized such as Chinese martial arts, Judo, Muay Thai and mixed martial arts.

One thing that I also observed is that most French characters are blonde. It is also worth noting that according to Ash Crimson’s story, he was just raised in France, which may imply that he’s not actually French.

King of Fighters: Ash Crimson, Elisabeth Blanctorche, Hyena, Shermie, Sylvie Paula Paula, King

World Heroes: Janne D’Arc

Samurai Shodown: Charlotte Christine de Colde

Fighter’s History: Jean Pierre

Battle of the Beast God: Carol Stanzack

Breakers: Pielle Montario

Buriki One: Jacques Ducalis

Street Fighter: Abel, Remy, Sharon

Virtua Fighter: Jean Kujo, Lion Rafale

Dead or Alive: Helena Douglas

Guilty Gear: Ky Kiske, Sin Kiske

Soul Calibur: Amy Sorel, Raphael Sorel

Power Instinct: Prince, Princess Sissy

Martial Champion: Goldor

Battle Arena Toshinden: Duke B. Rambert



Let’s now take a look at the city state of Monaco. Our Monegasque representatives are Emilie de Rochefort and Blaire Dame. Nicknamed as Lili, this pampered daddy’s little princess captured the hearts of gamers because of her classic beauty, long blonde hair, swift acrobatic attacks and her spoiled rich girl personality. As for Blaire, it was initially stated that she was of simply European background until she was finalized as being from Monaco.

Tekken: Emilie “Lili” de Rochefort

Street Fighter: Blaire Dame



We now head to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. For those who are not aware, Great Britain is composed of England, Scotland and Wales, so characters hailing from the mentioned countries will be included under United Kingdom. Most character backgrounds examined are extremely diverse and they don’t seem to stick with a common theme. Some standout designs are a loyal bodyguard, an amnesiac secret agent, a sultry succubus, a martial artist who can morph into a werewolf, a voluptuous alchemist dressed in revealing armor and a time traveling fighter who sports Britain’s famous Union Jack. Fighting styles are diverse as well. There are professional boxers, practitioners of Chinese martial arts, sword fighters and pole weapon wielders.

Nearly all characters are White. I am guessing that they are mostly of English ancestry with the exception of Captain Kidd, Morrigan Aensland and Lilith, who are Scottish. If we examine parental origin, Ivy is actually half Spanish from her father (Cervantes) while Steve Fox is part Irish from his mother (Nina Williams). There are also Black British characters like Birdie and Dudley from Street Fighter; and Judgement from Battle Arena Toshinden. However, I am still wondering if Guilty Gear’s Venom is either Black, Biracial or simply, a deeply tanned White man.

Fatal Fury: Billy Kane, Bonne Jenet, Freeman, White

World Heroes: Captain Kidd, Jack

King of Fighters: Lien Neville, Lily Kane

Fighter’s History: Matlok Jade

Aggressors of Dark Kombat: Kisarah Westfield

Battle of the Beast God: Gordon Bowman

Rage of the Dragons: Alice Carrol

Battle Arena Toshinden: David, Judgement, Kayin Amoh, Lancelot Lakeknight, Naru Amoh, Ten Count

Power Instinct: Annie Hamilton, Bristol Weller, Falco

Guilty Gear: Axl Low, Bridget, Venom

Soul Calibur: Arthur, Isabella “Ivy” Valentine

Tekken: Steve Fox

Dead or Alive: Christie, Eliot

Street Fighter: Area, Birdie, Cammy White, Dudley, Eagle

Darksatlkers: Lilith, Morrigan Aensland, Jon Talbain



Let’s visit United Kingdom’s neighboring country, Republic of Ireland. We have 5 Irish characters: Krizalid, a super-powered clone from the King of Fighters series; Oswald, a master gambler; Elias Patrick, a boxer who is also a certified exorcist; and the iconic badass assassin sisters of the Tekken series, Anna and Nina Williams.

King of Fighters: Krizalid, Oswald

Rage of the Dragons: Elias Patrick

Tekken: Anna Williams, Nina Williams



Moving on to the Southern region of Europe, our next stop is Spain. Most Spanish video game characters introduced are male and they are given the “slick and handsome fighter” theme where their fighting styles are derived from either bullfighting, ninjutsu or brawling. They are joined by a powerful ghost pirate, an attention-seeking trickster and a tomboyish MMA fighter.

Fatal Fury: Laurence Blood

Battle of the Beast God: Joker (Marco Bariadrid)

Samurai Shodown: Kirian

Soul Calibur: Cervantes de Leon

Tekken: Miguel Caballero Rojo

Street Fighter: Vega

Power Moves: Nick

Guilty Gear: Zato-1

Dead or Alive: Mila



Continuing with our European tour, the next country on the list is Italy. Like the United Kingdom, Germany and France, Italy is home to several European video game characters. Character depictions are absolutely distinct from one another. We have a young wealthy businessman, a gladiator-clad professional wrestler, an unusually sexy strongwoman, a genius swindler, a blind-mute caretaker with a very bizarre fighting style, a svelte astrologist armed with a magical scarf, a stoic sambo fighter and a Muay Thai-trained playboy. However, the common theme I observed among them is that their costumes are supposed to be trendy and fashionable. Another thing I noticed is that the characters just simply oozes with charm and appeal.

World Heroes: Dio, Geegus

Art of Fighting: Robert Garcia

Fighter’s History: Marstrius

Rage of the Dragons: Johann

Battle Arena Toshinden: Eos

Power Instinct: Angela Belti, Elizabeth Belti, Sandra Belti

Street Fighter: Rose, Vulcano Rosso

Dead or Alive: Leon

Soul Calibur: Dampierre, Valeria, Voldo

Tekken: Claudio Serafino

Virtua Fighter: Brad Burns



Let’s now move towards Greece, where the characters introduced pay homage to ancient Greek mythology. Majority of the Greek characters are from Soul Calibur consisting of the Alexandra family of swordfighters and the mutated Spartan warrior, Lizardman. They are joined by a sword wielding golem named Zero and a hammer-wielding fighter, Blat Vaike.

Soul Calibur: Cassandra Alexandra, Lizardman (Aeon Calcos), Patroklos Alexander, Pyrrha Alexandra, Sophitia Alexandra

Knuckle Heads: Blat Vaike

Battle Arena Toshinden: Zero



Our next stop is Eastern European nation of Czech Republic. Our lone representative is Smoke of the Mortal Kombat series. Originally introduced as a secret character, Smoke’s storyline became one of the most developed plots in the series. From being a human Lin Kuei warrior, he was transformed into a cyborg until he became an ally with a demon from the Netherrealm.

Mortal Kombat: Smoke (Tomas Vrbada)



Let’s explore more of Eastern Europe with the country of Romania. Famed for its legends of vampires and the iconic character, Dracula of Transylvania, Romania provides us 2 vampire-inspired characters: Demitri Maximoff from Darkstalkers; and Guilty Gear’s Slayer.

Darkstalkers: Demitri Maximoff

Guilty Gear: Slayer



Our next stop is the country of Ukraine. The sole Ukrainian to ever grace the world of fighting video games is Lynette, a merchant’s assistant who uses tambourines as her weapons and exhibits a dance-like fighting style.

Soul Calibur: Lynette



Let’s now see the characters hailing from the largest country in the world, Russia. The characters introduced are really diverse: scientific geniuses, muscular wrestlers, lethal robots, Sambo combat practitioners, seductive women warriors and stoic military men.

Given Russia’s population, I am guessing that all the human characters are ethnic Russians. However, with the case of Karnov, I really find his appearance to be Mongolic/East Asian which may suggest that he might be of Buryat or Kalmyk ancestry.

Tekken: Alisa Boskonovitch, Dr. Geppetto Boskonovith, Sergei Dragunov, Jack series, Prototype Jack,

Savage Reign: Nicola Zaza

Buriki One: Ivan Sokolov

Fighter’s History: Jinborv “Karnov” Karnovski

Rage of the Dragons: Sonia Romanenko

World Heroes: Rasputin

King of Fighters: Antonov

Street Fighter: Decapre, Necro, Twelve, Zangief

Guilty Gear: Millia Rage

Power Moves: Vagnad

Kaiser Knuckle: Gonzales

Battle Arena Toshinden: Sofia

Dead or Alive: Bayman



  1. You missed a few characters , let me help ya out

    From Ireland
    Lancer from fate stay night
    Celty sturluson from durarara

    From Ukraine
    Joe from jang pong 3

    From Romania

    Tyssa willing from battle road k

    Rachel alucard from blazblue

    From Netherlands
    Master Barnes from 3count bout

    From UK
    angus MacGregor from kasmi ninja
    Lord daergas Scott macneil from fighter within

  2. You missed a few characters
    From Ukraine
    Joe from jang pung 3

    From Netherlands
    Master barnes from 3 count bout

    From Austria
    Mr Bruno from jang pong 3

    From Romania
    Tyssa willing from battle road k
    Rachel alucard from blazblue

    From Ireland
    Lancer from Fate Stay Night
    Celty Sturluson from Durarara

    Please think about adding this characters

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