We now arrive at the continent of North America. Let’s start with the country of Canada. We are introduced to 6 Canadian male characters: Sheen Genus, a blonde professional wrestler; Maxima, a cybernetically enhanced secret agent; Wolf Hawkfield, a First Nations professional wrestler; Sasquatch, the mysterious Bigfoot creature who was probably inspired from the abominable snowman; Damian Shade, a very loyal and devoted servant to his master; and Rig, a cryptic oil platform worker specializing in Taekwondo.

Aggressors of Dark Kombat: Sheen Genus

King of Fighters: Maxima

Virtua Fighter: Wolf Hawkfield

Darkstalker: Sasquatch

Power Instinct: Damian Shade

Dead or Alive: Rig



Let’s now move towards the United States of America. Second to Japanese video game characters, American video game characters rank second in terms of number of characters. However, American characters boast a diversity of plots, storylines, themes and fighting styles. Almost every existing theme in fighting video games, they’ve got it! Common themes include: the All-American cool guy, powerful professional boxers, no-nonsense soldiers, young martial arts masters, boisterous professional wrestlers, athletic sportsmen, laid back secret agents, rhythmic dancers and hot babes who can kick ass. I also observed that there are American characters (mostly White) who are enthusiasts of Asian arts and culture. Another observation is that most Native American characters are themed as being deeply spiritual and are defenders of nature. A number of video game boss characters also hail from the United States. When it comes to fighting styles, American characters utilize several styles which include: Professional boxing, Chinese martial arts, kickboxing (including Muay Thai), Ninjutsu, Karate, professional wrestling and sword fighting.

Reflecting America’s multicultural and ethnic diversity, American characters have different racial backgrounds: Majority of American characters are White Americans; 4 of them reference their specific ancestry (Rock is an Englishman who washed upon the shores of the native Apache tribes; Franco Bash is of Italian descent while Rolento and Doctrine Dark are of German descent). They are followed by Black/African Americans, Native Americans and Asian Americans (Guy is ethnic Japanese; Li Xiangfei, Marshall and Forest Law are all ethnic Chinese). There are also 4 multiracial American characters (Ken Masters is 3/4 Japanese and 1/4 White; Alice Garnet Nakata is 3/4 White and 1/4 Japanese; Michelle Chang is part Chinese/part Native American; Leon is probably a Latino American which may suggest he is a mix of European and Amerindian origin).

Street Fighter: Alex, Allen Snider, Balrog, Charlie Nash, Cody Travers, Cracker Jack, Crimson Viper, Doctrine Dark (Holger), Guile, Guy, Joe, Ken Masters, Mike, Poison Kiss, Rolento Schugerg, Rufus, Sodom

Darkstalker: Felicia

Rival Schools: Boman Delgado, Roy Bromwell, Tiffany Lords

Tekken: Robert “Bob” Richards, Bruce Irvin, Bryan Fury, Forest Law, Julia Chang, Marshall Law, Michelle Chang, Paul Phoenix, Tiger Jackson

Soul Calibur: Rock (Nathaniel William Adams)

Knuckle Heads: Rob Vincent

Power Instinct: Chris Wayne, Larry Light, Keith Wayne, White Buffalo

Fatal Fury: Alfred Airhawk, Andy Bogard, Axel Hawk, Blue Mary, Duck King, Franco Bash, Geese Howard, Grant (Abel Cameron), Kain R. Heinlein, Kevin Rian, Li Xiangfei, Michael Max, Rick Strowd, Rock Howard, Terry Bogard, Alice Garnet Nakata

King of Fighters: Brian Battler, Clark Still, Heavy D!, Lucky Glauber, Mignon Beart, Ninon Beart, Ralf Jones, Seth

Art of Fighting: Jack Turner, John Crawley, Lenny Creston, Mickey Rogers, Rody Birts

Buriki One: Rob Python

Samurai Shodown: Black Hawk, Draco, Earthquake, Galford D. Weller

World Heroes: Johnny Maximum, Muscle Power

Rage of the Dragons: Billy Lewis, James “Jimmy” Lewis, Mr. Jones

Fight Fever: Magic Dunker, Nick Commando

Fighter’s History: Ray MacDougall

Aggressors of Dark Kombat: Bobby Nelson

Battle of the Beast God: Max Eagle

Breakers: Condor Heads

Kaiser Knuckle: Barts, Boggy, Jim McCoy

Mortal Kombat: Cassandra “Cassie” Carlton Cage, Erron Black, Jacqueline “Jacqui” Briggs, Jackson “Jax” Briggs, Johnny Cage (John Carlton), Kai, Kobra, Mokap, Nightwolf, Sonya Blade, Kurtis Stryker

Battle Arena Toshinden: Leon, Rachael, Rook Castle, Rungo Iron, Tracy

Virtua Fighter: Jacky Bryant, Sarah Bryant

Dead or Alive: Bass Armstrong, La Mariposa (Lisa Hamilton), Tina Armstrong, Zack

Martial Champion: Bobby, Racheal

Guilty Gear: Chipp Zanuff, Johnny Sfondi, Sol-Badguy

Power Moves: Joe, Ranker, Warren



We now take a look the characters hailing from Mexico. Most Mexican fighting characters introduced are Professional Wrestlers (Luchador). Just like real-life luchador, Mexican luchador characters exhibit acrobatic wrestling moves and usually sports a distinguishing mask (with the exception of Angel and Ramon). Another design that surely stood out was the Aztec warrior theme. This theme inspired the designs of Azteca, Ogre, Pepe and Necalli. The Aztec theme was also shown in the robot, Huitzil, which was probably inspired from the mythical Aztec warrior, Huitzilopochtli. Other fighting styles include indigenous fighting arts and Taekwondo.

Given Mexico’s’ population, I am guessing that human characters introduced are of European, Amerindian or Mestizo (mixed European and Amerindian) ancestry. Thunder Hawk is actually a Native American from the United States; he and his Thunderfoot tribe settled in Mexico because they were driven out of their lands by M. Bison. Juli, was probably from Germany and became a member of the Thunderfoot tribe, eventually becoming T. Hawk’s lover until she was kidnapped by Shadaloo. When it comes to Ramon, Angel and Kim Hoon, I find that their blonde hair and European features may suggest that they are of European ancestry. It’s also interesting to note that Kim Hoon’s name is Korean despite being from Mexico.

Street Fighter: El Fuerte, Juli, Thunder Hawk, Necalli

Darkstalkers: Huitzil

Virtua Fighter: El Blaze

Kaiser Knuckle: Azteca

Tekken: King, King II, Ogre

King of Fighters: Angel, Ramon

Fight Fever: Kim Hoon

Fatal Fury: Tizoc

Rage of the Dragons: Jose “Pepe” Rodriguez



Let’s now see the Caribbean region starting off with the island nation of Cuba. Cuba’s sole representative is Bang-Boo, a cyborg from the Battle Arena Toshinden series who wields 2 huge cannons.

Battle Arena Toshinden: Bang-Boo



Our next Caribbean nation on the list is Jamaica. We are introduced to Dee Jay, an Afro-Jamaican kick boxer who infuses music and rhythm to his fighting style. Aside from his kick boxing skills, he is also a talented musician and dancer.

Street Fighter: Dee Jay



  1. Ya missed a few characters from Canada

    Candy cane and miss spencer from rumble roses

    Jefailey and redacted from divekick

    King lion from savage reign

    Leo bradlay from 3 count bout

    Mrs Bruno from jang pung 3

    Scorpion from Saturday night slam masters

    And from Jamaica
    Amazon from martal arts capoeira

  2. Here are some character you missed
    From Canada
    Candy candy and Miss Spencer
    King LIon from savage reign
    Mrs. Bruno from jang pung 3
    Scorpion from Saturday night slam masters
    Jefailey and Redacted from DiveKick

    From Mexico
    El Stingray from Saturday night slam masters
    Noembelu from street fighter

    From Jamaica
    Amazon from Capoeira

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