Ok guys, you’ve heard the news that Tekken 7 is already in progress and is probably just around the corner. I am sure that the Tekken team of developers, producers and artists won’t disappoint us Tekken fans with this upcoming installment and probably the conclusion to the main plot. While everybody’s fussing about stuff like new game features, new story elements, new characters, new special moves, new combos, my main thought was on one thing:

What will happen to Julia Chang in Tekken 7?


Julia Chang has been my primary character since Tekken 3 (Tekken 3 was the first Tekken game I’ve played) and through the years, I’ve studied her moves and at the same time her storyline. What fascinates me with Julia is primarily her fighting style. I find it a combination of Chinese martial arts combined with elements of professional wrestling throw moves (death valley bomb, various suplexes, bulldogs, frankensteiner, etc). I even back tracked to Tekken 1 and Tekken 2 and discovered Julia wasn’t the original practitioner of her fighting style. Michelle was Julia’s predecessor during those games and naturally, I found Michelle’s moves a “toned-down” version of Julia’s.

From playing Julia, I can say that she’s definitely beginner-friendly but not a button-masher type. Her strategy can be extremely confusing at the hands of a skilled player. This is because her tactics rely on high-low mixture attack combinations. Plus, she has several launchers and lots of moves that maintain safe distance against her opponents. She’s also a good juggler in the Tekken series. However, the downsides I find from Julia are her frames. She has somewhat slow recovery time when executing some of her attacks which could leave her vulnerable. In order to succeed in a battle using Julia, one must know her key moves and execute it at the right opportunity. Defense and guarding is also necessary. Carelessly executing some her moves will just leave her vulnerable to punishment.

As the Tekken series progressed, Julia’s fighting style also improved dramatically. And by Tekken Tag 2, she has now a majority of pro wrestling moves and throws. It is no secret that in the Tekken Tag 2 installment, the character “Jaycee” was obviously Julia Chang in disguise armed with professional wrestling moves while still retaining her key kung fu moves. Despite Tekken Tag 2 not being canon, it was explained that Julia was convinced by her friend to take the place of an injured female pro wrestler and Julia hesitantly did. Some Julia fans responded positively to Jaycee’s arrival because of her flashy and effective wrestling moves and throws. It’s also noticeable in personality; Jaycee is more aggressive and outgoing than Julia’s “nature-loving” persona. However, there were also some fans that had negative reviews to Jaycee, preferring Julia’s “vanilla” style over Jaycee’s outrageous and over-the-top wrestling moves.

Now that Tekken 7 has arrived, what fate awaits Julia Chang/Jaycee? It is important to note that this installment will run on a canon storyline. If we track back, the latest canon installment was Tekken 6/BR. In my opinion, here are some possible scenarios that will take place in Tekken 7 (I have ruled out Michelle’s return since there is an “unofficial” Tekken rule where ladies above 40 aren’t allowed to fight https://infamouskarl.wordpress.com/2013/03/24/6/ ):

SCENARIO 1 – Julia IN; Jaycee OUT


This is the mostly likely scenario that will play out. Tekken 7 will be based on the events after Tekken 6. Julia Chang will be back and will retain her original fighting style (I call it 80% Kung Fu + 20% Wrestling Moves). However, Julia’s canon story has becoming bland lately. In Tekken 3, she was trying to rescue Michelle, who was kidnapped by the Mishima Conglomerate. In Tekken 4, she has become active in reforestation activities but her work was stolen by the Mishima conglomerate so she joins the tournament to get it back. In Tekken 5, Julia was romantically pursued by Ganryu, who gave her back her stolen work. In Tekken 6, Julia entered the tournament to prevent the clash of Kazuya Mishima and Jin Kazama, which could bring chaos to the world. I think the producers really need to provide her a better story for Tekken 7.

SCENARIO 2 – Julia OUT; Jaycee IN


This scenario might also be considered. Given the possibility that TTT2 Players have become accustomed to Jaycee’s fighting style (30% Kung Fu + 70% Wrestling Moves), Jaycee’s storyline might be retconned as canon. However, I am just curious on how are the producers gonna fit Jaycee’s storyline with the Tekken 7 plot…

SCENARIO 3 – Julia IN; Jaycee IN


There are 3 sub-scenarios that are possible under this:

3.1 – The default character is Julia but will have a “Jaycee” mode and (Vise Versa). This is similar to Kazuya morphing to Devil Kazuya or Jin Kazama morphing to Devil Jin. This is very unlikely because this only happened back in TTT and TTT2 which are both non-canon.

3.2 – Julia AND Jaycee will both be playable and have their own slot in the character roster. However, they are different persons. “Jaycee” will be the injured female wrestler back in TTT2. Another unlikely option since no further information has been said about the non-canon injured female wrestler.

3.3 – Julia AND Jaycee will both be playable and have their own slot in the character roster. However, Julia AND Jaycee are one and the same person. This is similar to Tekken 6 where Jin Kazama and Devil Jin having their own set of distinct moves. A possible option.. but still unlikely.

SCENARIO 4 – Julia OUT; Jaycee OUT


Please don’t let this happen!!!!!!!!!!!! OK, Julia’s story in the Tekken series might be getting bland and this might be a possible reason for her to be dropped. But please, there are many Julia players out there who have been accustomed to Julia’s style and have appreciated her gameplay throughout the entire Tekken series. Also, in the recent installments (especially the canon ones), no character has been dropped. This is most unlikely to happen 🙂

So what do y’all think?

Scenario 1?  <<— My vote

Scenario 2?

Scenario 3.1?

Scenario 3.2?

Scenario 3.3?

Scenario 4?